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Want to learn more about what the church teaches? Or get the Catholic perspective on recent happenings? Or find a church near you? We recommend these outstanding sites.

About church teachings.


U.S. Catholic website, and world’s largest religious media network. TV stations, radio stations, podcasts, national newspaper, wire services, publishing.

Catholic Answers

Contains a wealth of information explaining and defending what Catholics believe by topic. Responds to common objections by various non-Catholic groups.

New Advent

Houses the huge online Catholic Encyclopedia, plus writings of the early church fathers, the complete Summa Theologica, and more. Features Catholic headlines.

The Vatican

English home page for the official website of The Holy See. Terrific source for all official documents of the church, past and present.

For non-practicing Catholics.

Catholics Come Home

Wonderful organization inviting people home to the Catholic Church. Check out the commercials saved on their site — truly powerful.

About scripture.

John Salza Apologetics

Must-see for all Bible believers. Provides over two thousand scriptures from the Old and New Testament supporting the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Agape Bible Study

Free in-depth studies in the Catholic tradition. Includes ancient and contemporary commentaries, historical and archaeological info, and Catechism references.

For practicing Catholics.

Mass Times

Enter any city or zip code to find a Catholic Church nearby, along with its mass schedule. Even better: get the app for your phone.

U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops

Official site. Offers Catholic beliefs and teachings, issues and action, news headlines, movie reviews, daily readings, church documents, and much more.

About current events.


English home page. A view of the modern world through the messages of the Pope and the Holy See. Church happenings, plus Christian topics, debates, and events.

Catholic News Agency

Free, up-to-the-minute news affecting the universal church. Gives particular emphasis to the words of the Holy Father and happenings of the Holy See.

See also New Advent

Related to The Catholic Cafe.

Diocese of Memphis

The Diocese of Memphis in Tennessee is headquarters of The Catholic Cafe. We invite you to learn more about our local church.

Order Of Malta – Federal Association

The Catholic Cafe is brought to you by the Order of Malta – Federal Association. Learn more about the rich history of this ancient order of knighthood.


Deacon Jeff Drzycimski’s personal site. Learn more about his available works, and contact him about speaking engagements or other opportunities.