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Fully Integrated Catholicism

Have you ever thought about how we tend to “segment” our lives? We like to separate our work life from our Church life from our family life. What would it look like if we connected all those areas of our life so that our faith interacted and affected each environment we entered? Join Deacon Jeff and Tom as they welcome Alanna Boudreau, a talented young singer/songwriter in the secular world who also happens to a good Catholic girl, to the Luxurious Corner Booth.

The Devil Is Real

Have you ever been asked if the Devil is real? Have you ever wondered this yourself? Is there really some evil dude with a pitchfork trying to get you to sin? Join Deacon Jeff and Tom as they welcome back Peter Herbeck, Vice President and Director of Missions for Renewal Ministries to discuss the devil, sin and the remedy…Jesus Christ!

Angels All Around Us

Join Deacon Jeff Drzycimski in the “luxurious corner booth” of The FRENCH Catholic Cafe as he talks to Fr. Joseph Doyle, a Josephite priest and member of the Opus Sanctorum Angelorum, about the Catholic Church’s teaching on angels and their very active role in our world today

Original Sin

Join Deacon Jeff Drzycimski in the “luxurious corner booth” of The Catholic Cafe as he and wingman Tom Dorian discuss the Catholic teaching on Original Sin, along with the sometimes confusing topics of allegory, concupiscence, polygenism and monogenism. Wow, lots of 3-dollar words! Confused? Just listen!

When Bad Things Happen To Good People

Deacon Jeff talks with Fr. Agostino Torres, CFR of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal about the problem of bad things happening to good people. Should I abandon the Church? Does God MAKE evil things happen? How can God be all good and allow bad things to happen? How can suffering be redemptive? These and many other questions are discussed.

Spiritual Warfare

Deacon Jeff talks with Father Jim Blount, SOLT about the effect of a weak earthly (familial or spiritual) father: it leads most assuredly to a lack of a relationship with the Divine and Eternal Father. More specifically, it leads one open to spiritual warfare and soul-threatening attacks from the devil and those that serve him.