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Roaming Catholics

Has your child left the Church? Your brother or sister? Has anyone you care about stopped going to Mass? We all have folks we love (especially kids) who have wandered away. Join Deacon Jeff and Tom as they present a Top Ten list of things to do (and NOT to do) when trying to get them back in Church.

Defending Your Faith

Do you find it hard to defend your faith? Are you shy about telling folks you are a Catholic…and why you are? Can you answer all the inevitable questions that will arise? Join Deacon Jeff and Tom in the Luxurious Corner Booth as they share another of their world-famous top ten lists – this one is the top ten ways to defend your faith.

Baptism By Mud

Looking for a great spiritual experience this Summer for your kids? What about a great outdoor experience? What if you could have BOTH? Camp Wojtyla is a Catholic adventure program located in the heart of the Colorado Rockies and has been revealing God’s majesty and love to kids from all walks of life for several years now, Join Deacon Jeff and Tom in the Luxurious Corner Booth as they welcome Keenan Fitzpatrick, a camp counselor and missionary for Camp Wojtyla, to discuss this wonderful outdoor adventure program and the greater need for spiritual development in our young folks.