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Contraception And Humanae Vitae

There have been many conversations recently regarding the papal encyclical Humanae Vitae and its relevance in our world today. Join Deacon Jeff, Tom and their guest, Sister Francine, a Dominican Sister of Saint Cecilia, in an encore presentation, as they discuss the topic of Contraception.


Are you a Catholic looking to deepen your faith and learn more about your Church? Where do you go? What can you do? Have you thought about going to RCIA? “But, I’m already Catholic!” you say. Well, join Deacon Jeff and Tom in the Luxurious Corner Booth as they discuss the benefits that many good and faithful Catholics receive when they attend RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) classes at their local parish.

Diabolical Activity In The Church

Do you believe the Devil is at work in the world? Many people don’t. And, those that do can easily mistake just HOW the Devil might be involved and what that looks like. Join Deacon Jeff and Tom in the Luxurious Corner Booth of The Catholic Cafe as they welcome Deacon Dominic Cerrato, PhD, a Permanent Deacon from Steubenville, Ohio and Director of Diaconal Ministries, to discuss diabolical activity in the Church and what we can do about it.

Faith And The Family

There’s so much bad information out there when it comes to faith and the family in general, and living a fully Catholic life in specific. That’s why we invited Helen Alvare to join us in the Luxurious Corner Booth. Helen is a noted Catholic speaker, author, evangelist and lawyer…and she is a professor of law at George Mason University in Washington, DC specializing in family and religion. If you’re looking for good information about faith and the family, you’ll get it here!

Porn Is A Problem

Many people (thankfully) agree that porn is bad…but, in reality, not enough people realize just how bad it is. Join us in the Luxurious Corner Booth as Deacon Jeff and Tom welcome our friend,Tiffany Leaper, founder of Girls Against Porn and Human Trafficking to discuss what parents, grandparents, teachers and others charged with the care of children need to understand about the destructive nature of pornography.


Pornography is typically underrated in it’s devastating effect on the human family. It is usually laughed off as “something all boys do.” Unfortunately, the statistics are alarming and there is a great need to awaken the awareness of fathers, sons and brothers as well as mothers, daughters and sisters to the destructive potential…and indeed, reality…of porn. Join Deacon Jeff and Tom as they welcome Tiffany Leeper, president and founder of Girls Against Porn & Human Trafficking, to the show.

Choose Life

Join Deacon Jeff Drzycimski in the “luxurious corner booth” of The Catholic Cafe as he and sidekick Tom Dorian talk about the Church’s teaching on the Gospel of Life and our responsibility as Christians to stand up for those least able to stand up for themselves…the unborn.