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Roaming Catholics

Has your child left the Church? Your brother or sister? Has anyone you care about stopped going to Mass? We all have folks we love (especially kids) who have wandered away. Join Deacon Jeff and Tom as they present a Top Ten list of things to do (and NOT to do) when trying to get them back in Church.

Ordinariate Of The Chair Of St Peter

So, what happens when an Anglican priest and his entire Anglican parish feel called to come into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church? To get the answer, we invited His Excellency The Most Reverend Steven Lopes, Bishop of the Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St Peter, to join us in the Luxurious Corner Booth of the FRENCH Catholic Cafe to explain what the Ordinariate is, and one way Anglicans can join the Catholic Church as a group.

Life Is A Miracle

Where am I going? How did I get here? We ask ourselves these questions so often. Usually, in hindsight, we can see that we’ve been on a journey and that God has been actively involved in guiding, protecting and caring for us as we amble our way toward him. Join Deacon Jeff and Tom in the Luxurious Corner Booth as they welcome Renee Hendrix, a NICU nurse and a former Baptist, to discuss her amazing journey with God.

The Laboure Society

Do you pray for an increase in vocations to the priesthood and religious? You may not realize that there are as many as 10,000 young men and women who have said yes to God, but have student loans that are preventing them for following through. Join Deacon Jeff and Tom as they welcome Bill Lemire from the Laboure Society to the Luxurious Corner Booth to discuss how this group helps these future priests, sisters and brothers become the vocation miracle God has called them to be.

Following The Ancient Paths

Sometimes the best path to something new is one that was blazed first by ancient journeymen. That’s what happened to Durant Fleming, MDiv, DMin, a Presbyterian minister for 25 years who made his way into full communion with the Catholic Church. Join Deacon Jeff, Tom and Durant in the Luxurious Corner Booth as they discuss his journey home and his accompanying memoir, Following The Ancient Paths (available on Amazon).