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Contraception And Humanae Vitae

There have been many conversations recently regarding the papal encyclical Humanae Vitae and its relevance in our world today. Join Deacon Jeff, Tom and their guest, Sister Francine, a Dominican Sister of Saint Cecilia, in an encore presentation, as they discuss the topic of Contraception.

Roaming Catholics

Has your child left the Church? Your brother or sister? Has anyone you care about stopped going to Mass? We all have folks we love (especially kids) who have wandered away. Join Deacon Jeff and Tom as they present a Top Ten list of things to do (and NOT to do) when trying to get them back in Church.

Navy Seals Of The New Evangelization

Join Deacon Jeff and Tom in the Luxurious Corner Booth of The Catholic Cafe as they welcome as their guest, Father Nathan Cromly. Father Nathan is a priest of the Congregation of St. John and the President and Founder of Saint John Institute in Denver, Colorado. Together they discuss how the organizations Eagle Eye Ministries and Saint John Institute are helping young folks today live out the New Evangelization and evangelize the Culture.

Corporal Works Of Mercy

So, what does the Order of Malta actually DO to alleviate the suffering of the poor and disenfranchised? Join Deacon Jeff in the Luxurious Corner Booth of the FRENCH Catholic Cafe in Lourdes, France as he welcomes his guest, Barbara Laughlin, a Dame of the Order of Malta. Together, they discuss the many corporal works that the Order does to assist the ministries and agencies that bring hope to those in physical need.

Hope For Prisoners

It’s sometimes so easy to forget about those who are incarcerated…especially those who are serving life sentences or sitting on Death Row. We say, “Justice has been served” or “They got what they asked for” or “TWe can’t help them anymore.” But, what did Jesus say? It is quite challenging and very counter-cultural. Join Deacon Jeff and Fra Tom in the Luxurious Corner Booth of the FRENCH Catholic Cafe in Lourdes, France as they welcome their guests, Collins Whitfield and Mike McGarry, Knights of Malta who are involved with prison ministry, to the show.